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Berith and Camphill Partnership


Berith and Camphill Partnership is situated in the busy town of Stourbridge in the West Midlands. We support and assist adults who have a variety of disabilities by offering them tailored packages of care/support from high dependency residential care through to supported living and domiciliary care in the community.
Our aim is to simply enable individuals to find a direction in life and support them to gain the necessary skills and opportunities to fulfil their aspirations.
We do this by supporting those in our our community in developing confidence and integrating them into the life of this bustling and busy town.
We help individuals find the appropriate accommodation, training, work and social life that best suits their needs.

Home and Support

We have different types of accommodation in and around Stourbridge and we have a number of contracts from local authorities that enable us to support people in all of these.

• Ashfield House is a highly supportive registered residential care service set in the peaceful tranquillity of the Worcestershire countryside

• We have a community house where community members live with a member of staff.

• For those wanting greater independence we have a number of properties from houses to flats where clients can try living in an self-contained or shared property with their peers, knowing that support is available via our support workers.
All support provided is based around the individual’s needs, reviewed regularly and monitored by the funding local authorities.

Education, Training & Work Experience


Stourbridge town has excellent facilities for education and training and we support people in developing the skills they need and want to pursue.
While many individuals aspire to full-time employment, most find that today’s job market is very difficult and we are fortunate that the Community has two social enterprises which can involve the people we support.

The Cockleshell Craft Centre is a community café that also provides opportunities for the public to try their hand at pottery painting and other crafts. Those we support who have an interest in retail are able to help out in the shop with some individuals going on to achieving specific qualifications in retail and customer care.
Just outside the town centre we have a large organic garden (Ashfield Gardens) that offers opportunities for valuable training and work experience in horticulture and animal husbandry.
We also have a large kitchen not far from the kitchen where we provide opportunities to gain cookery skills with many of the ingredients sourced from our own organic garden.

Social and Cultural Life

Shops, library, churches, cafes, clubs, pubs and sports facilities are all within walking distance. Some of the people we support are involved in local groups, such as photography, rambling, folk dancing and drama.
A nearby leisure centre offers archery, swimming, yoga, badminton and snooker; some of the people we support enjoy horse riding.
We are very close to Birmingham, Worcester and beautiful countryside where there are plenty of opportunities for stimulating and enjoyable day trips. Many of our community members attend various churches in Stourbridge and we get together regularly for our own celebrations of various festivals, often held at our beautiful gardens usually involving food and music!.
We also use our shop for get- togethers in an evening where community members can meet, chat, have something to eat and often try new crafts and discuss things of interest to themselves and the community.
If you do want any specific information or just an informal chat about what we do please don’t hesitate to contact the General Manager via the contact details below
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Contact Information:

Camphill Berith - Locate using Google MapsFind us at:
Berith and Camphill Partnership,
27 Worcester Street,
West Midlands
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