Geese put to work news

Geese put to work

The geese have had a temporary move into what will be next year's kitchen garden. They are busy eating down the green manure to help create a fertile soil and are having a 'honkingly' good time as they clear the garden at great speed.

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Apples, apples everywhere! news

Apples, apples everywhere!

Larchfield is in the middle of it's apple harvest. The branches of the trees are bent over under the weight of apples in wondrous shades of red. Jeanne is pictured here in the middle of a busy day of apple picking. The varieties of apple grown are Discovery, Katja, Charles Ross and Lord Lambourne. the garden recently held an apple tasting session where the subtleties of taste between the different apples were discussed as seriously as at any wine tasting.

Extra heat for when it is chilli! news

Extra heat for when it is chilli!

The vibrant reds and greens of our home grown chillies give an idea of the heat they will add to curry and chilli dishes now that the colder weather has started to bite. They are currently on sale in the Larchfield shop alongside a wide variety of other organically grown vegetables.

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