Larchfield Community

Harvest celebrations

Harvest celebrations

The whole community gathered in the hall and heard how the wet conditions of early summer had caused a lot of worry and how an explosion of hungry rabbits had led to some rapid fence building to protect the salad crops. The good news was, that despite the poor start to the growing year, Mother Nature had compensated with a warm and extended late summer with the final crops being good and plentiful, especially the apples.

During the celebration community members and day placements came forward to give their thoughts of the year; some poems were read including one written for the occasion by Stephen McGechan and the garden team serenaded those gathered with a harvest song.

Following the singing everyone gave a helping hand to set out the tables ready for the traditional shared community lunch of a thick (home grown) vegetable soup served with chunks of tasty Larchfield bread.

Here is Stephen's lovely poem:

Autumn, the most colourful time of the year

Autumn is the most colourful time of the year

because the leaves change colour from green to yellow to orange to red.

When they fall to the ground they look like a fallen fairy bed.

When you walk across the dead leaves they are crunchy and crisp.

The wind blows them off the trees.

The gardeners go out into the fields and harvest the vegetables, 

Bringing them into the barn and splitting them into boxes and deliver them to the houses.

The houses uses them to cook hot meals to keep us warm during the winter months of the year.