Our Strategy Vision, Mission and Values

Strategy Vision
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People we support at the heart of all we do – benefiting physically, emotionally and spiritually with a strong sense of community.


To be a values – driven charity delivering innovative person centred care in response to local needs. To be highly regarded, financially sustainable and well resourced with people who are motivated in their work and where anthroposophy remains a living inspiration.


These are our values that continue to inspire and guide us....

Relationships are at the heart of what we do.  We value our relationships with the people we support and we support them in building healthy relationships with family, friends, neighbours and others.

Empowerment We want to be ambitious and effective and make a real difference to people's lives, while respecting that our task is to support people to live a life that makes sense to them.

Social Contribution forms the basis for our work.  We provide opportunities for meaningful work and other activities so that everyone is able to experience the value and self-worth that comes from being able to make a contribution.

Purpose in life is a basic need for everyone, regardless of their abilities.  We respect the unique identity and dignity of each person and seek to enable people we support to find meaning, purpose and achievement in their lives.

Environmental Commitment extends beyond issues of sustainability to a deep appreciation of the importance of the social, natural and spiritual environment for people's wellbeing.

Celebrating together the blessings of each day, the festivals and our individuals and joint achievements, as well as sharing life's joys and sorrows creates community that crosses all boundaries.

Transformation. Everything we do gives us opportunities for personal growth and change, if we have the right attitude.  We see challenges as opportunities and encourage staff and people we support to engage in life-long learning.