Social and Cultural Life

Shops, a library, places of worship, cafes, clubs, pubs and sports facilities are all within walking distance for most of the people we support. Some individuals are involved in local groups such as photography, walking, dance, sport and drama. With our support and encouragement many volunteer in some of the charity shops scattered around the town centre. Some of the younger people we support attend college full or part time.

The local sports centre offers swimming, yoga and badminton. We have three gyms in the town. We have riding stables within a couple of miles.

We are really close to Birmingham (single bus ride away) which provides all the opportunities and experiences a major international city can offer. We are also very close to some of the most beautiful countryside in the region where there are numerous opportunities for walking and other outdoor pursuits.

Some of our Community members attend local churches and we do get together regularly for our own celebrations of various festivals, often held at our garden and always involving food and music!

We also use our café for a get together some evenings where people can meet up, chat and have something to eat together.

Depending upon demand we also organise day trips at weekends and have workshops in Eurythmy, drama, healthy eating etc We have a well-established IT group that meets once a week.

In early 2017 we will have completed the construction of a social space right in the midst of the Community. This will be a first for the us. Having this “space” will allow us to do so much more and we very much look forward to thinking, with those we support, how we can develop and best use this exciting resource.

We also understand the importance of engaging with those we support and have a programme of Involvement that involves meetings open to all in regard to housing management, quality and satisfaction. We also invite speakers from various agencies to discuss topics that are pertinent to those in the community; Issues such as substance misuse, mental wellbeing, keeping safe, debt and sexuality.

We also make use of questionnaires, and have scattered across our community buildings suggestion boxes and community based notice boards.

Seeking the opinion of those we support is fundamental to the way we develop and offer our service.