More about us

We have no staffed based in accommodation (other than residential care) and the support we offer focuses upon the individual living as independent as possible in the community, in safety, with the least intrusive support possible. 

A majority of people we support are under 45 years old and the support can be provided in the home, in the community, in fact anywhere that works in order to achieve the wishes and aspirations of those we support. We pride ourselves as being able to be flexible in the way support is provided.

Although we provide some services within the Worcestershire County Council area by far most of our services and accommodation is within the Dudley LA in the West Midlands, with a majority of our services in Stourbridge.

While many individuals aspire to full-time employment, most find that today’s job market is very difficult and we are fortunate that the Community has two social enterprises which can involve the people we support.

The Cockleshell Craft Centre is a community café that also provides opportunities for the public to try their hand at pottery painting and other crafts. Those we support who have an interest in retail are able to help out in the shop with some individuals going on to achieving specific qualifications in retail and customer care. 

Just outside the town centre we have a large organic garden (Ashfield Gardens) that offers opportunities for valuable training and work experience in horticulture and animal husbandry.

We also have a large kitchen not far from the garden where we provide opportunities to gain cookery skills with many of the ingredients sourced from our own organic garden.