Support Packages

Each person’s support package is developed in collaboration with the person themselves, family, the support team and the appropriate social care professionals. Is regularly reviewed to support people in working towards goals, developing skills and making the most of their gifts and talents. Each person has an allocated keyworker, a dedicated person within the team focused on individual development. As well as involvement opportunities in house meetings, community meetings and a range of community, local and charity wide projects.
Some of the things we can help you with are as follows:

  •  your personal care needs (toileting, washing, bathing, getting dressed etc.,)
  • your domestic needs (cooking, cleaning, shopping)
  • assistance with your medication
  • assistance with managing your money
  • helping you to access work and college placements.
  • increasing your independent living skills
  • providing opportunities for social inclusion and promoting relationships

 For rates and more information contact us on 01287 660871 and speak with the Registered Manager