A day in the life of a..................Support Worker

A day in the life of a..................Support Worker

What I do daily is quite hard to put into words. I am part of a lovely team and we all have different roles and responsibilities when on shift. I do various things like cooking, cleaning, medication, finances, trips out shopping and other social activities which are fun and engaging. I am offered lots of training even for things not in direct relation to my work, which is great. I work to a shift rota which my Senior or Team Leader prepares, the weekly shifts can include upto 3 sleep overs, long shifts, early starts and late finishes, and they always try and accommodate my preferences for shifts if I have a personal event I need to attend or a holiday.

I love that no two days are the same and each day brings different challenges to overcome. The people I support and the staff I work with make my job worthwhile. Doing a job where I can see someone’s skills/independence/confidence increase is what motivates me. If I can make a difference & improve the quality of life for one individual, it has been a worthwhile day.

Botton is a beautiful place. There is so much going on here on a daily basis. The people here are some of the most open and honest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am left to get on with my job without too much interference from management yet at the same time I feel supported by them and I know they will offer assistance if I need it.

There are many challenges in this role but nothing that cannot be worked through, and the great thing is that I am fully aware that there is always someone who will lend a hand or offer advice.

I know that I am able to expand my knowledge and able to take on extra responsibility so that one day I could become a Senior Support Worker.

A day in the life of a............. Senior Support Worker

A day in the life of a............. Senior Support Worker

My role varies between supporting community members, administering medication, taking part in meetings, giving supervisions and appraisals, organising and doing team meetings, ensuring rotas are done and completed, keeping a check on staffs’ key working responsibilities and that all documents are reviewed as required, organising festivals, sorting out finances, doing timesheets, stationary orders, absence reports, audits, website updates, dealing with outside agencies, annual reviews for community members, DRP

I love being organised and ensuring my staff and community members are happy with the support I give them. I love the variety of my role and enjoy discussing individual needs and implementing new ideas which will benefit everyone. I really enjoy getting individuals referred when needed as the work some of the outside agencies do, e.g. behaviour support teams and speech and language therapists, is what I find fascinating as you learn so much about an individual’s understanding, communication and needs.

Since being in a senior role my experience and knowledge have grown dramatically. Some Seniors are doing a Leadership and management Level 5 which is extremely informative and helps them with their role on a management level, however we have lots of support from colleagues at all levels. I have had to learn when I need to use a firmer approach with staff, as initially I avoided confrontation. I have learned a lot more about how finances, benefits, social support and outside agencies work and know who to contact in different situations.

A day in the life of a........Team Leader

A day in the life of a........Team Leader

What I do daily is quite hard to put into words as it can be quite complex. But here are a few: meeting people, communicating with team, being aware of creating a harmonious, clean and safe environment for the people we support, being aware of their needs, wishes likes and dislikes.

Awareness for the team of staff members. Filling in paperwork (medication, finances, supervisions, reviews, support plans, risk assessments, rota’s and holidays)

I enjoy being with the people I support, having our meals together, celebrating together, communicating effectively, building connections together and seeing them smile and be happy. This allows them to express themselves.

The challenges of the job can often be that we have too much paperwork or office work which takes us away from our interactions with residents. I won’t lie there are some stressful situations in this role but nothing that cannot be worked through.

I work with a good staffing team who are experienced and have good common sense. Team work is important in these roles not only for support, but also knowledge.

I enjoy seeing people develop their talents and meeting new people who always have a story to tell. I also love working in such a beautiful place and knowing that I am helping people to live their lives as independent as they can.

I have daily challenges of ensuring all houses are staffed to the correct level, audits and actions are met regarding support, finances, medication and health and safety and that people have the opportunity to try new things that will help with their independence or future opportunities.