Day Opportunities

We offer placements in our day opportunities to the people we support within our supported living service, and as day placements too.

Meaningful work opportunities

Camphill St Albans currently offers two day opportunities close to the city centre, our cafe and art studio. 

 We believe that meaningful work has a central place in everyone’s life.  Through our different work environments the people who we support develop greater confidence and self assurance in knowing that their work is recognized as a valuable contribution.

 We are also in the process of setting up a new service, our allotment project. The project is located on a nearby allotment site close to our care and support office on Sandridge Road. This project will provide people to be supported to learn and develop their skills, and provide the opportunity to do this within a relaxed and peaceful environment. We hope to grow lots of produce, this will be grown firstly organically and once we are more established we would like to grow some of our produce bio dynamically too.

Watch this space for news and updates regarding when we will be able to offer places on the project.