Cafe on the Corner

Our Cafe

Cafe on the corner is situated in the centre of St Albans. It is a warm and friendly place to enjoy a hot drink, light lunch and piece of cake. Those who we support enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their self confidence in social situations.




Cakes and scones are freshly baked in the cafe; this provides a great learning environment for people to really flourish. 

The bread we use is baked at our neighbouring community Delrow, we receive deliveries from them each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

We also sell some great pieces of jewellery made at our art studio situated close by. 

People are encouraged to work as part of a team, whether it being washing up, food preparation or taking orders-everyone has the opportunity to take part in what we do. 

We ensure that the support is person centred, people are encouraged to learn and develop at their pace, in the best way for them.