Social and Cultural life


There is a wide variety of social occasions and activities to take part in if people choose to. They range from regular disco nights in nearby Hemel Hempstead to ice cream evening at the local pudding restaurant in St Albans.

We have a set timetable throughout the week, this consists of: Pool evening on Mondays, film club on Tuesdays, Allotment group and Table Tennis on Wednesdays, ladies and gents evenings on Thursdays and singing group on Friday.

Individuals also attend events that are important to them such as judo class, slimming world, gym and exercise classes, swimming. Some of the people we support volunteer at local charity shops and animal rescue centres too. 

At Camphill St Albans we hold monthly community meetings in Michaelmas Hall; this gives all the people who live within the community the opportunity to meet together to discuss what is important to them or ideas they may have, and to eat a light lunch and socialise together. The community meetings also give the opportunity for everyone to discuss any upcoming festivals, these are celebrated throughout the year and are a tradition within the charity. 

Camphill St Albans and our neighbouring community Delrow hold regional forums twice per year. This gives both communities the opportunity to host a forum and to hold workshops on a variety of topics, plus the opportunity to socialise together and to visit each others communities. 





The people we support and the staff team work closely together to plan other events such as our annual sports day (below), also trips out to the theatre, the seaside, cinema and group holidays. 


 Snow white returns play-this was a very successful play that was held at a local church, the script written by Hannah, one of the people we support. There was a lot of hard work and dedication from the people we support and the staff team. We hope to run another play this year too.