The Studio

Working in the studio also offers a great opportunity to form strong friendships, where ideas can be brought and shared together.  Some people we support have difficulty in expressing themselves in social situations but at The Studio it is a chance to learn and develop social skills in a safe non-judgemental environment. 

The staff team are always keen to involve everyone in a project that suits them and encourage the best outcome for all involved. The pride, confidence and personal growth that those we support have gained from seeing their creative expression come to fruition shows how important The Studio is to so many.  Which is in part why we hope  offer more placements by expanding – so more people can enjoy the benefits of being in such a creative, nurturing space.

Updated equipment will mean there will be a wider range of projects that those we support can choose to do, strengthening existing skills and developing new ones.  By developing the building and  expanding our floor area we will be able to feature a “gallery” type space where more of the works can be displayed in rotation so more people can enjoy seeing them. There is real vibrancy and excitement in the atmosphere as we contemplate how far The Studio has come and how far it can go!