Delrow Community

Delrow Community is made up of 10 houses, 6 of which are on the Delrow estate with the other 4 on the surrounding lanes. Delrow offers support with accommodation to 50 adults with special needs, as well as offering day placements to local people. The accommodation ranges from independent flats to shared houses of between 3 and 10 people.

Delrow offers a wide choice of day opportunities which include education, work and leisure activities:

  • Delrow Adult Learning programme runs 2 days a week and people can choose short courses in creative and artistic subjects such as photography, drama, eurythmy and painting. There are also topic-based sessions focusing on peoples' interests. Currently these include local history and geography, current affairs and practical literacy and numeracy. 
  • On the other 3 days a week workshops and land work sessions run. The workshops include pottery, basketry, needlecraft, bakery and weavery. There is also opportunity to work in the community store. Land work includes producing fruit and vegetables, as well as looking after the chickens and general care of the estate.
  • Being close to both Watford and London offers a large range of leisure activities. Besides all the cultural events such as cinema, theatre, music, museums and exhibitions, people also go horse riding, sailing, to the gym, music and drama workshops and a local disco!

There are also community events which everyone is invited to. These include the Christian Festivals which help us to feel connected to both the heavens and to the earth, as well as marking the cycle of the year. Other events might be a concert in the Karl König Hall or a party. In the summer there are trips by coach for a day out at the seaside, a stately home and gardens, an open air museum or wherever people choose.

This shared community life where everyone is supported to live, learn, work and play together helps us all to find out who we are and how we can live a meaningful life.