Day opportunities


 Garden, Pottery, Wood Work, Bakery & Basketry





Day Opportunities

What We Offer

The Grange Village has Day Opportunities available to people living there and those in the local community. The Day Opportunities allow people to engage in meaningful activities during the day offering personal development through enabling functional skills and for others also allowing more vocational route of progression.


  • Involvement in a day placement can help to develop confidence and independence skills, whilst boosting self esteem.
  • Through participation in activities, people are able to experience successful performance, as well as a challenge. This can then lead to enhanced attention to task and improved cognitive skills such as problem solving.
  • Involvement in land based placements enhances physical activity, aiding mobility and balance.
  • Many tasks also allow practice of fine and gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy. Working within guided group sessions also increases social interaction skills and the opportunity to make new friends.


All our workshop staff and volunteers have received mandatory induction training and participate in refresher courses throughout their time with us. Staff are also aware of the Gloucesteshire Multi Agency Safeguarding Adult Policy and Procedures and understand their responsibilities to people who may be vulnerable.

 Garden and Kitchen

The Garden is located in the centre of the community and is maintained following Biodynamic principles. The garden team grow vegetables, fruit and herbs which are sold in the community to the residents and staff and also to outlets in the wider community. The garden also looks after several hens which provide eggs for the people living there. There is always a wide variety of tasks in the garden following the seasonal cycle, working in the propagation greenhouse, planting, harvesting and maintaining fruit bushes and flower beds. There are greenhouses and a polytunnel to allow all year round growing, there is also a seed drying area indoors which allows the gardeners to save their seed for the following year.



The Bakery operates in the mornings and bakes different organic breads each day - four seeds, malthouse, farmhouse, white and brown rolls. There is a range of different skills to learn in the bakery and activities start with shaping the dough for the bread orders that day.


Wood Work

The Wood Workshop uses wood grown on the estate to create high quality items to sell via local Christmas markets and Camphill Products. There are several elements involved in the production process which allow everyone to be involved and learn different aspects of wood work.  



The Basketry works with cane and willow. People learn different skills making a variety of different crafts including trays, waste paper baskets, laundry baskets as well as working on their own personal projects.

 Basket MAking


The Pottery is a full production studio offering a great facilities for people wanting to learn or develop pottery skills. People accessing the day opportunities can learn to create kitchenware items using moulds for plates, and mugs or working on the wheel to produce work in the unique style of the Grange Pottery. Other people wish to work in a more creative way working free hand modelling with clay or using other methods to create their own pieces.

Ian making a pot

The Grange is located a very short drive from Oaklands Park Community so people can also access workshops on both sites which allows a greater choice for those wishing to try new things.

Our day opportunities run five days a week, morning and afternoon.

Mornings 9am - 12pm                   Afternoons 2 - 5pm

If you are interested in starting a placement, please contact the Day Opportunities Manager - who can discuss your needs and arrange a taster session.