Healthy Eating

We hear so much today  about the increasing levels of obesity and diabetes. There's so much salt and sugar in much of the food we buy. Such a lot of it is also processed and then quickly microwaved in the name of convenience to keep us up to speed with our busy lifestyles. 

Residents at the Grange and Oaklands have joined in a  project which combines independence and healthy eating. Using locally sourced and seasonal produce they have been creating making healthy meals and saving their recipes.

Healthy Eating


The regular sessions have been a hit with community members. Popular recipes so far include fish soup, a wide range of salads, hummus, and an early spring wild garlic pesto.

Here’s that recipe to enjoy

50g pine nuts

75g hazel nuts

175g Virgin Olive Oil

150g young garlic leaves

2t lemon juice

1T apple juice concentrate

salt and pepper to taste