Accommodation and support

Five purpose-build residential houses are spread across the approximately 160 acre farm that is Larchfield Community. The accommodation offers a range of supported living styles including independent living with minimal support, shared living in communal houses with 24 hour access to support staff, semi-independent living in flats attached to communal houses and 24 hour support.

Daffodil House is one of the more recent developments and opened in 2015. It is home to nine people and comprises seven well-proportioned, self-contained flats plus guest accommodation.

Each of the houses is very individual in style but is very much a home and everyone is encouraged and supported to make the most of their abilities be it taking responsibility for the compost or contributing to the cooking of household meals.

Currently 38 adults with a learning disability have Larchfield as their home and each person has the opportunity to work in one or more of the seven workshops on site comprising garden, farm, craft, bakery, kitchen and the cafe/shop. As well as the education and training opportunities based at Larchfield residents are encouraged and supported to access any appropriate educational, training or work opportunities in the wider community. Some people attend Middlesbrough College while others volunteer at a local cafe, a care home and the local Riding for Disabled Centre.

An individualised support package built through collaborative discussions with the person themselves, their families, support workers and social care professionals is key to the promotion of individual growth and the showcasing and development of gifts and talents. A member of the support staff will be allocated to an individual as their key worker and will have a particular focus on that person’s personal development.

Good links have been established with local GP and dental surgeries who are knowledgable around the support needs of adults with learning disabilities.