Increased Cafe Capacity



 The growing popularity of the cafe with the general public and an increase in day placements attending Larchfield meant that the cafe had experienced very busy days with a shortage of tables and seating. Alongside the need for more capacity the cafe tables and chairs were looking old and shabby and some chairs had been removed as they were deemed unsafe.

New tables and chairs give an increased flexibility to seating arrangements as the smaller tables allow for more intimacy but can easily be pushed together when bigger groups such as the walking groups call in. Six new picnic tables were also purchased and are very popular in the current run of good weather. The purchase of the new cafe furniture has effectively doubled the internal and external capacities. 

The shop and conservatory areas have been re-organised to make room for the increased number of tables and chairs and the shop now has a dual function with the centre of the shop having additional seating. The feedback from all those who work in the cafe is very positive - the three zones are working well; the tables and chairs are easy to clean and thus more hygienic and the shop has a more vibrant feel to it.

Martyn, who manages the cafe, would like to say a big thank-you to Donald, Matthew and support staff for assembling the tables, chairs and picnic tables so efficiently and quickly.


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