Organic Breakfast Served to Local Schoolchildren

Early in July Glynis Gilfoyle, who is a teacher at the nearby Sunnyside School, floated the idea of bringing in a class of young children to have an organic, healthy breakfast in the cafe. The children were to be introduced to healthy eating through a breakfast club at school but Glynis thought an experience outside of school would have more impact.

On the 6th of September 24 three and four year olds arrived in a mini-bus and came into the cafe where they were served by Martyn and day placement Rosalyn. All the food was organic and the children had a bowl of porridge, white and wholemeal toast with home-made strawberry jam all washed down with a glass of milk. Rosalyn said she enjoyed helping and that it was lovely to see the children.


After breakfast the plan had been to walk up the farm track to see the chickens but with time a little short they stopped instead at the orchard where Sarah was busy with her team picking apples. The children were invited into the orchard and each of them picked an organic apple to take home with them.

A local connection has been made with some of the staff not having previously known anything about Larchfield.

A couple of days after the visit an e-mail came to Martyn from Glynis, it said: 'Many, many thanks for welcoming and hosting us in your cafe yesterday. We all had a brilliant time. Our nursery children talked enthusiastically all about their breakfast and the apples on the trees and were delighted when they were allowed to pick their very own apple to take home. It was really kind of you and your colleagues to go to so much trouble to make a memorable learning experience. Parents remarked how keen children were to tell them about their visit and one little boy asked his mum for toast and porridge for breakfast today.'