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While previous experience of working with adults with a learning disability is useful, the emphasis of the CVT recruitment policy is in seeking staff with a willingness to learn and work with adults with a learning disability and with a wide range of personalities, skills, experiences. Such diversity and enthusiasm in the staff team allows for good matches to our equally diverse population of supported adults. The emphasis is on support which allows individuals to realise their potential in all areas of life – work, home, socially and culturally.

All staff have access to an employee benefits package and a comprehensive training programme. Training includes the administration of medications, communication issues and safeguarding while the induction programme leads to the award of a care certificate. As staff settle into their support role they are encouraged to take advantage of fully funded QCF level 2 or 3 qualifications in Social Care.

During the induction period there is also an introduction to the founding ethos behind Camphill Communities and the celebrations and festivals which remain central to the sense of community.