Day opportunities

What We Offer

Oaklands Park offers Day Opportunities to people living there and also those in the local community. The Day Opportunities allow people to engage in meaningful activities during the day offering personal development through enabling functional skills and for others also allowing more vocational route of progression.


  • Involvement in a day placement can help to develop confidence and independance skills, whilst boosting self esteem.
  • Through participitation in activities, people are able to experience sucessful performance, as well as a challenge. This can then lead to enhanced attention to task and improved cognitive skills such as problem solving.
  • Involvement in land based placements enhances physical activity, aiding mobility and balance.
  • Many tasks also allow practise of fine and gross motor skills, numeracy and literacy. Working within guided group sessions also increases social interaction skills and the opportunity to make new friends.


All our workshop staff and volunteers have recieved mandatory induction training and participate in refresher courses throughout their time with us. Staff are also aware of the Gloucesteshire Multi Agency Safeguarding Adult Policy and Procedures and understand their responsibilities to people who may be vulnerable.


The garden covers an area of 5 acres and is situated within a Victorian walled garden. We grow vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers following biodynamic principals.

Working in the garden offers an annual cycle of garden activities which you can participate in throughout the year. Horticulture offers a seasonally challenging environment to develop cognitive and vocational skills.

These include:

  • Basic garden maintenance
  • Propagation of vegetables, herbs and flowers
  • Planting
  • Harvesting
  • Building compost heaps
  • Making compost for seed sowing
  • Preparing vegetable orders
  • Harvesting herbs for drying

There is a great range of facilities including four greenhouses, a propagation greenhouse, raised cold frames, raised beds, a packing room and herb drying room.

We can also offer self - regulated Entry Level 3 Training in Horticulture.


The farm covers a large area of the estate to allow plenty of grazing for our animals. The farm produces biodynamic beef, pork, and lamb and also keeps ducks and hens to provide eggs.

The farm provides a variety of tasks for those attending Day Opportunities which varies throughout the farming calendar:-

  • Animal feeding
  • Egg collecting
  • Rearing young calves
  • Fencing and maintenance of the farm fields
  • Animal care and cleaning out
  • Splitting firewood from the woodlands
  • Preparing meat orders for the community



The weavery is situated in the mansion. It is well equipped with several rigid heddle looms which are used by those attending the workshop to produce a variety of woven items from including purses, scarves and rugs.

Wood Work

The wood workshop is well equipped with machinery and some more traditional tools which allow people to learn wood working methods using the pole lathe and shave horse. The workshop produces a number of bespoke products for the community and external customers such as house signs and planters. There are also a number of items that are produced for sales outlets and markets such as trivets, salad servers and flappy duck childrens toys. There is an option for people attending day opportunities to be involved in the production side of the workshop or develop specific skills around their own personal goals through projects.

 Our day opportunities run five days a week, morning and afternoon.

Mornings 9am - 12pm                   Afternoons 2 - 5pm

There are also Day Opportunities at the Grange Village community 4 miles from Oaklands Park please see the Grange Village Page.

If you are interested in starting a placement, please contact the Day Opportunities Manager - who can discuss your needs and arrange a taster session.