Taurus Crafts: Our People

Our People

Work is an important part of adult life. It brings dignity and a sense of self-worth; it provides avenues for training; it develops responsibility and social skills.

Work is something that helps define who we are. We say "I help maintain the site" or "I work in the kitchen" or "I work in a shop" or "I work in a cafe". These are just some of the occupations followed by people with special needs who are part of our community, because while many adults with learning disabilities find it impossible to get a job, we believe that with the right support they can.

At Taurus Crafts through our person-centred approach, training, work experience and even paid work is possible. These opportunities build work-related and vocational skills, key independence, social and living skills and thereby increases confidence.

Above all we value what each individual brings to our community


The Camphill Village Trust

We are a leading, long established and progressive UK charity supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other support needs. We support people in their home life, work, social and cultural activities through our 9 urban and rural communities in England.

We accept and appreciate each other for who we are and encourage each other to give our best. We do not define people because of their disability and seek to align the achievements of citizenship and equality with the warmth of friendship and self-fulfilment.

OUR VISION:People we support at the heart of all we do, benefitting physically, emotionally and spiritually, with a strong sense of community.

OUR MISSION: To be a values–driven charity delivering innovative, person-centred care in response to local needs. To be highly regarded, financially sustainable and well-resourced, with people who are motivated in their work and where anthroposophy remains a living inspiration.