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Children's Activities

School Holiday's

Throughout the school holidays, including half-terms, we have a fun packed programme of creative, hands-on activities for children ranging in price from £3.50.

There are even free activities some days. Regular activities include: Jewellery making, knitting, chocolate making, stone carving, puppet making & pottery painting.

During all activities, children must be accompanied by an adult.


October Half Term 2018

Pumpkin Carving. All you need to design and carve your own Halloween Pumpkin. From £4.00 (20min approx) 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00. 27th ,28th & 29th Oct.

Bubble Wands. With Balm Jewellery make a beaded bubble wand using spooky beads to create your own unique toy.  From £4 each including bubble mix (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00 on 23rd, 27th Oct & 3rd Nov. 12:30-5:00 on 30th Oct.

Halloween Cupcakes. Join Isabel’s Bakehouse & decorate a range of Halloween themed cupcakes. £8 for 4 cupcakes (40min approx) or £5 for 2 cupcakes (20min approx) all ages. 10.30-4.00. 26th Oct.

Soap Making.  Make hand-made novelty soap with Bubble & Fizz, create either a Unicorn, Dinosaur or other novelty soaps. £4.00 (20 mins approx - pick up 30-60min later) Age 5+. 10.00-12.30 & 1.00-4.00. 31st Oct.

Woodland Masks. Create your own woodland themed mask using materials found in the forest to wear this Halloween. £4 each (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00.  21st Oct.

Arnie Kazam The Wizard. Laughter and magic show. (40min), £2 per child/£1 per adult, all ages. 12.00-12.40 & 2.00-2.40. 24th Oct & 1st Nov.

King Arthur & The Tale of The Forest Pumpkin. Watch an amazing puppet show with Lullaby Leesa and make your own puppet to perform with. £1 per family, (40min approx) All ages. 10.30, 11.30, 2.00.  25th Oct & 2nd Nov.

Raptors & Reptiles. Join Black Rock Reptiles for a fun educational, hands-on experience with exotic reptiles, invertebrates & birds of prey. £2 each - Reptiles. £2 each - Birds of Prey, (as long as you need) All ages. 11.00-2.00. 22nd & 29th Oct.

Forest Of Dean Rock Painting. Join the rock painting fun with Amy Sampson from FODROCKS. Awesome prize draws and rock decorating kits, badges & stickers available to buy. £1 suggested donation per family (stay as long as you need) All ages. 2.30-5.30. 28th Oct.

Candle Dipping. Make a candle by dipping into different coloured wax to create a rainbow effect. £3 each (15-20min approx) Age 6+. 11.00-3.00. 24th Oct.

Magical Mini Homes. Create a mini dwelling, to take home, for monsters or mythical creatures to live in, using materials found in the forest. £4 each (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 23rd & 30th Oct.

Spooky Slime School. Make Halloween slime, choose your colour then customise with glitter, polystyrene balls & more. £4 each (20min approx) All ages. 11.00-5.00. 20th, 31st Oct & 4th Nov.

Stone carving. With Cat’s Eye Carving carve something to take home on a 4 inch square piece of Jurassic limestone. £15 (30 mins) Age 5+. 10.30-12.30 & 1.45-4.30. 23rd,26th, 31st Oct & 2nd Nov.

Wendy’s Workshops. With Mad Dog Designs create something different this school holiday using scrap materials. Free (20min approx) All ages. 11.00 -1.00 & 2.00-4.00. 21st, 25th Oct &  1st, 4th Nov

Make & Take. Throw a pot with a Taurus Crafts potter and take away an unfired pot, £10.00. Throw your pot plus firing & glazing £15.00 (activity 20min approx, fired items ready for collection in 4 weeks approx) all ages, 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00. 27th Oct.

Paint Your Own Pot. Paint pottery items then have them glazed and fired. From £6, (activity 20min approx, fired items ready for collection in 10-14 days approx), all ages, 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00. 20th ,21st, 25th , 26th, 28th Oct & 1st, 2nd, 4th Nov.

Make & Paint a Halloween chocolate with The Chocolate Bar, £5 (20min approx), all ages. 10.00-1.00 on 23rd, 24th, 26th, 30th, 31st Oct. 1.00-4.00 on 25thOct  & 2nd Nov.

Free Letter Trail. Hidden around Taurus Crafts are a series of letters, find all of the letters to work out the hidden word. Once completed hand in your finished trail sheet to enter the Free prize draw. Free, 20th Oct - 4th Nov.


During all activities, children must be accompanied by an adult.

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Paint Your Own Pot

Get creative and let your imagination run wild in our Paint Your Own Pottery activity.

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