Taurus Crafts: Children's Activities

Children's Activities


Throughout the school holidays, including half-terms, we have a fun packed programme of creative, hands-on activities for children ranging in price from £3.50.

There are even free activities some days. Regular activities include: Jewellery making, knitting, chocolate making, stone carving, puppet making & pottery painting.

During all activities children must be accompanied by an adult.


Candle Dipping. Make a candle by dipping into different coloured wax to create a rainbow effect. £3 each (15-20min approx), age 6+. 11.00-3.00, 4th & 11th April.

Wendy’s Workshops. With Mad Dog Designs create something different this school holiday using scrap materials. Free (20min approx) all ages. 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00, 31st March, 2nd,4th, 7th, 12th, 14th April.

Arnie Kazzam. Laughter & magic show. £2 per child, £1 per adult (40min) all ages. 12-12.40 & 2.00-2.40, 11th April.

Easter Cupcake Selection Box. Join Isabel’s Bakehouse & decorate a range of Easter themed cupcakes. £8 for 4 cupcakes (40min approx) or £5 for 2 cupcakes (20min approx) all ages. 10.30am - 4.00pm, 14th April.

Make & Take. With a Taurus Crafts’ potter throw a pot on a potter’s wheel & take away an unfired pot, £10 (20min approx) age 4+. 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00, 7th April.

Spring Flower Garlands. Using fresh & artificial spring flowers to create a woven willow headband to wear home. £7.50 each (20min approx) all ages. 10.00-1.00 & 2.00-5.00, 2nd & 3rd April.

Jewellery Making. Make beaded hearts, bracelets, earrings, necklaces &  keyrings with Balm Jewellery. New activity: decorating hair scrunchies & bows, £4 each (20min approx) all ages. 11.00-4.00, 4th & 9th April.

Slime School. Come along & make your own sensory slime, choose your colour then customise with glitter, polystyrene balls & more. £4 each (20min approx) all ages. 11.00-5.00, 31st March & 15th April.

Paint Your Own Pot. Paint pottery items then have them glazed & fired. From £6 (20min approx) all ages. 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00, 30th & 31st March, 1st, 5th,6th,8th,12th ,13th,14th & 15th April.

Stone Carving with Cat’s Eye Carving. £5 for 20 mins, have a go. £15 for 30mins or £30 for 1hr, to have a go on a 4 inch square piece of limestone to take home. Age 5+. 10.30 - 4.30, 4th & 10th April.

Black Rock Reptiles. Join Black Rock Reptiles for a fun educational, hands-on experience with exotic reptiles. £2 per person, (as long as you need) all ages. 11.00-2.00, 30th March, 6th & 13th April.

Make & Paint a Chocolate. Come to The Chocolate Bar & make your own exciting chocolate. From £5 per person (20min approx - pick up around 10min later) all ages. 11.00-1.00 & 2.00-4.00, 31st March, 4th,5th,6th,9th,11th,12th & 13th April.

Circus Skills. See the demo and join the workshop. With Grant Brookes Circus learn Juggling, Diablo, Devil Sticks & Plate Spinning. £4 each (1hr workshop) ages 5+. 10.30-11.30, 11.45- 12.45 & 2.00-3:00, 7th & 8th April.

Forest Creature Dwelling. Create a mini forest dwelling to take home with a local artist, using materials found in the forest. £3 each (20min approx) all ages. 11.00-5.00, 3rd & 10th April.

The Happy Unicorn & Singing Starfish. Watch Lullaby Leesa & her amazing puppets. Make a unicorn or starfish puppet. Meet Dolphie Dolphin & perform your own show. Free or Optional donation (40min approx) all ages. 10.30, 11.30, 2.00, 10th April.

Bunny Trail. Hidden around Taurus Crafts are different patterned bunnies. Find and draw the patterns you find on the blank bunny shapes on the trail sheet. Once completed hand in your finished trail sheet to enter the prize draw. Free, 30th March until 15th April 2018.

During all activities, children must be accompanied by an adult.

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