Taurus Crafts: Exhibitions


Catherine Hawkridge
6th January until 11th February 2018

A visual exploration into the natural world focusing on wild, wind-swept and weathered subjects.

Originally from Bristol, Catherine studied Art and Design at college followed by a BA Hons in Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University. After her degree, she worked as a freelance designer and maker on various projects with an exciting range of companies from The Royal Opera and Ballet to touring Operatic Groups and various film and TV companies.

Currently, Catherine is a part time teacher of Art, Photography and Textiles and lives locally with her husband and their three small children. Work in this exhibition showcases selected paintings and cyanotype prints focussing on exploring the natural world, especially moments when it’s beauty is not obvious to others due to inclement weather, age, disorder or other perceived imperfections.

This exhibition includes a series of meadow paintings using mixed media in an expressive and fluid style. The concept was inspired initially by local planting projects bringing colour and vibrancy to otherwise forgotten areas of our community. Catherine’s paintings are produced from life or her own photographs, often of her slightly neglected garden which is an overgrown haven for tall grasses and beautiful pockets of colourful weeds and wild flowers.

The second series of images showcased, continue the wild theme using found forms, often again from her garden or interesting leaf litter found when foraging in the forest or on the school run. Leaves and plants are collected, sorted and pressed and prepared for the Cyanotype process. Forms have then been placed into organised patterns or more naturally occurring compositions to explore a variety of effects in creating pattern, structure and depth.