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Colour and Shape
17th February until 2nd April
(please note exhibition not open 26th Feb until 5th March, apologies for any inconvenience)

The debut solo show for local artist Thomas Penny, a semi-abstract exploration of nature and architecture.

‘Finding the balance of a piece of art can be challenging; but using paint, ink and plastic as my materials, I am attempting to find that equilibrium. Between abstraction and realism, and between nature’s organic feel and the harder edges of the man-made.’

Jeanette Hannaby – Enamel Artist 
“An exhibition of vibrant, lustrous enamel artworks exploring nature & landscapes”
Saturday 7th April until Sunday 7th May 2018

Jeanette finds inspiration from her natural surroundings and from her walks in the Forest of Dean throughout the seasons and taking note of how the trees and landscapes change. “I enjoy making enamels of places of interest that I have visited whether it is well known landmarks or an unusual shaped hill with an outcrop of trees in a remote place..”  - Jeanette, Enamel Artist

Her recent body of work touches on the changing season and the main exploration of this is through the use of colour, from bright bold greens and yellow in the spring through to reds, browns, oranges and yellow in the Autumn. The translation of colour “can be achieved by enamelling.. and the unpredictable nature of working with copper and vitreous enamel glass powder.” – Jeanette, Enamel Artist

To create added dimension within her artworks, she uses found objects such as leaves, seed heads and ferns which is a recurring feature in most of her work. “I always have my eyes open for different and interesting shaped leaves that I can use as stencils in my designs”

Jeanette also incorporates her passion for photography into her work and uses her camera to capture moments of inspiration that she can then use for an enamel picture. She has recently explored glass transfers from some of her photographs which she use as to complete a picture or to incorporate the transfer into a landscape.