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We are seeking individuals with the enthusiasm, compassion and a genuine interest in supporting learning disabled adults. We provide a diverse and evolving range of living, working, social and cultural opportunities for the people we support.  These include a range of supported living homes, market garden, town centre cafe, craft workshop and community based work and activities. This varied and rewarding role in a unique setting will be supporting vulnerable individuals to realise their potential in developing their independence skills, contributing to the Croft and local communities , developing relationships and living a full and fulfilling life.


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Volunteering in a Camphill community gives you the opportunity to:

  • make a difference to the lives of people with learning and other disabilities
  • learn about learning disabilities, social care and the Camphill approach
  • share your skills and creativity and learn new skills
  • improve your spoken English
  • meet other volunteers from all over the world

Learn more on how to apply at:  Community Volunteering