Self -Advocacy Speak Up!

Geoffrey, Anthony, and David attended a self-advocacy meeting in Whitby on Friday 26th February together with the support of the Registered Manager Steven.

 The self-advocacy meeting is for people with learning disabilities who live in the Whitby and Ryedale area and it provides the opportunity to speak up about care and support issues and to give feedback about council and health services in order for things to improve.


The agenda for this meeting was about the following:

1) Keeping Safe when out and about and at home

2) Live Well Live Longer (NYCC Learning Disability Strategy)

3) Annual Health Checks and feedback

4) Optician feedback          

5) Choices and Rights



Our Botton Representatives have reported back the following:

Geoffrey: 'I enjoyed the meeting today.  I knew quite a few people there and also Graham who used to live in Botton.  I have made some new friends and it was good to talk about things that I had long forgotten about.  

I know I am safe when I go to places like Whitby but some of my friends aren't and its good to know that the council are looking out for others by introducing a safe places scheme*.  I think we should make a video in Botton about this.  

We also spoke about doctors and opticians and how they should talk to us - with respect.  We are lucky that we have a good doctor in Botton and we told the people in the meeting this.  It is good that we all respect each other. *more information about safe places is to follow

David: 'I liked today.  My favourite part was where we discussed our choices and rights.  You know what, if you dont ask for something you dont get it.'

Anthony: 'I will be going to the next meeting.  I liked Richard (the chairman) he spoke very well.  I told people in the group that I am proud of Botton and my home and the work that I do.  I will keep telling people this.'

Geoffrey, Anthony and David have agreed to represent Botton again at following meetings, however Steven is also seeking out a volunteer staff representative who can also attend future meetings.