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Stormy Hall Seeds

Stormy Hall Seeds

Camphill Village Trust are very pleased to announce that as part of the development of Stormy Halls Seeds at Botton we have entered a collaboration with The Seed Co-operative. The Seed Co-operative is a community owned seed company set up by the Biodynamic Association with the aim of furthering the production and distribution of biodynamic seed.

This agreement will allow Stormy Hall Seeds to focus on producing biodynamic seed and increase the amount of hand sorting and processing work it can carry out. This will enable Stormy Hall Seeds to provide more valuable activity for the people we support in Botton. In return the Seed Co-operative will take over machine processing of seed and sales and distribution. This means that in future you will be able to buy Stormy Hall Seed from the Seed Co-operative rather than directly from Stormy Hall.

This is a positive development for both organisations and the adults with learning disabilities supported by Camphill Village Trust.

You can find out more about the Seed Cooperative or how to buy Stormy Hall Seeds by following this link

Seed Cooperative Web page