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Befriending Week 2018

Befriending Week 2018

Befriending Week 2018

 To celebrate Befriending Week 2018 (1-7 November) we wanted to feature some initiatives our Malton community has embarked on.

The government has recently launched their Loneliness Strategy, it recognises that people of all ages experience loneliness. Theresa May said ‘Loneliness is one of the greatest public health challenges of our time’. So how can we help?

The people we support and staff at The Croft in Malton have found a way. They now run two schemes, the Shopping Scheme and the Library Service. These initiatives support people within the wider community who are housebound or have other mobility issues which make it difficult for them to get out and about.

The Shopping Scheme

People we support who have learning disabilities, and a member of staff befriend a less mobile person in the wider community and do their shopping. Sounds simple! What the teams don’t do is over commit, they want to ensure that time is taken to talk with the person they are helping. It is also important we do not put pressure on the people we support and cause them stress.

The Library Service

The library identifies people in the local community who struggle to access its services. The library will then select books based on the individuals tastes and preferences. People we support, and a member of staff will the deliver the books.

Everyone benefits

As well as the individuals who gain help with shopping, books and friendship; the people we support at CVT gain a sense of value and pride. They are not simply receiving support they are giving back to the community.

Libraries are also benefiting, in this scheme they are seen as a valued public facility, even by those who can not physically get to them.

At Camphill Village Trust we value friendship and community, not just in our CVT communities but in the neighbours that surround us.