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Better Health at Work Award

Better Health at Work Award

After running healthy workplace campaigns and activities with residents and staff over a period of 6 months we entered for the award. The award runs annually progressing from Bronze to Gold and continued excellence. 

A number of residents became health advocates and undertook an evaluation, and with the results the team decided to focus on the following campaigns to raise awareness: 

  • Physical activity
  • Healthy eating
  • Medical conditions
  • Stress and Mental Health 

Communities participated in physical activities and poster campaigns, including: Men’s Health Week, Blood Donor, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate, British Heart Foundation. People have joined the Gym through our special discounted Gym Membership with ‘Everyone Active’. In addition people have taken part in the Swimathon, Colour Rush and fun run.At Botton they organised their own fitness challenges including Stormy Hall challenge, Zumbathon, table tennis tournament, as well as introducing walking clubs, fitness classes. 

In addition we have promoted our own healthy eating recipe book, promoting organic/biodynamic food, taken part in sustainable food events and sugar swaps, plus some people have joined slimming world. 

Other health campaigns have taken place on topics such as sexual health, mental health, cancer prevention (cervical and prostate), alcohol and smoking. 

We are now looking forward to starting our Silver award.