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Better Health at Work Silver Award

Better Health at Work Silver Award

Individuals benefit from increased access to health information and interventions where they wouldn’t normally – in more than one instance, workplace award activity has potentially saved lives – identifying dangerously high cholesterol levels and early stage cancers. At the same time, employers benefit from improved morale, dramatically lower levels of absenteeism and increased productivity.

 We have initiated a wide range of health and wellbeing activities that have boosted morale and brought employees and people we support together in fun.

The annual celebration ball was borne out of this award. This has placed emphasis on happiness and the positive effect on our mental health, this has promoted independence and choice.   Coming together in such as happy event has boosted morale across the three communities.

 Zumba continues to be one of the highlights, we have set up fitness classes, walking groups, sports days across the three communities and much more. We were successful in a Golden Giveaway from the Philanthropic Charity Teesside and we purchased sports equipment which we enjoy the use of during weekly sports evenings.

We are already working towards the Gold award and have some exciting activities organised already and will be running monthly campaigns promoting healthy eating, exercise and bringing awareness around cancer and mental health.

This year was particularly exciting fundraising for the ball; Rebecca our Health Advocate jumped out of a plane to raise funds.