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Community Inclusion Success

Community Inclusion Success

The “Community Inclusion” tender is to find providers of tailored support for people to live in the community and lead “Ordinary Lives” and have a “Good Day”. An ordinary life means that all people should be treated equally and a good day is being valued for ones uniqueness and abilities and doing something that has a purpose and is meaningful to the person. There is also a focus on having the possibility to meet new people, and build friendships.

The tender process was a real team effort and CVT staff both local and national helped in the tender process which involved a fifty nine page tender response form of over eighteen thousand words.

Being part of this framework opens a host of opportunities for people like Matthew who lives locally in Cinderford and comes to Oaklands every Friday afternoon to attend the weavery. Matthew enjoys coming because as he says “The people are nice “ and he enjoys working on the big and small looms.

Matthew in the Weavery

For communities it is recognition that support provision is seen as being developed against best practice criteria.