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CVT Annual General Meeting 2016

CVT Annual General Meeting 2016

Our Annual General Meeting of the took place in York on the 23rd November 2016.

Over 80 people, (members and guests) attended and Chris Cook, Chris Beckett, Petur Sveinbjarnarson, Julie Fuller and Brian Walsh were duly re-appointed to the Board by substantial majorities.

Each communities donated a range of craft and produce items and these contributed to a colourful display of CVT products in the Hall.

 During the meeting a video was shown. It detailed how five members of the Croft community worked to help co-produce the CVT Annual Report. They narrate the video and describe their experiences visiting the nine CVT communities. They also reflect on their own personal journeys and show how change and development happens during the co-production process as a being a consequence of it. 

 The Annual Report is available on the CVT website at :