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CVT Connect app features in new report

CVT Connect app features in new report

The CVT Connect app features in new report from VODG (Voluntary Organisations Disability Group) in partnership with the National Care Forum: 

“Co-producing technology: harnessing digital solutions for social care”,

which  recommends how providers can maximise the benefits of such new approaches.

Download the report here

 The report outlines how health and social care providers must collaborate with users of services when designing apps, websites and other digital technologies. It is based on a recent workshop, which explored how people who use services contribute to technological design and are changing the delivery of social care.It explores ways in which people who use services are contributing to technological design and how the resulting digital solutions are changing the way we deliver social care and health and wellbeing services. 

Dr Rhidian Hughes, chief executive of VODG, added:

“Technology is no substitute for face-to-face support, but digital developments have a growing role in the delivery of care and support services. Providers who promote such innovations could also develop stronger relationships with commissioners as a result. What’s more, co-designing new technology with people is an opportunity for individuals to be better connected and exercise more control over their lives.” 

The CVT aims to address the concerns and ambitions of both CVT and the people we support by creating a safe digital environment in which people with learning disabilities can learn to use social media; this helps them develop skills and reduces anxiety about fraud and cyberbullying.

 Huw John, chief executive of CVT said:

“Designing our own digital solution has been a win-win experience. It enables us to use technology to not only enhance how we work with everyone we support and reinforce our person-centred approach, but it means that individuals themselves co-produce innovative new approaches, developing new skills in the process.”

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