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Information for Families

Information for Families

Guides for Adult Siblings of People With a Lifelong Learning Disability and/or Autism 

Sibs, the only UK charity representing the needs of siblings of disabled children and adults, has launched a series of practical guides outlining how care staff and families can work together better to improve care.

Sibs believe that organisations should recognise and value siblings and should involve them in their disabled brother or sister's support. 

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 A recent newspaper article highlights the importance of involving all the family when discussing a person's care needs.  Families can provide invaluable information and insight which should inform any planned care.  

News Article Here

Can People With Intellectual Disabilities Live Independently?

 Zara Todd has written a fact sheet about independent living for those with learning disabilities (In the fact sheet learning disabilities are called intellectual disabilities) It tells you the points of law that can be used when fighting for independent living.  

 She says:

 "Living independently does not mean doing everything yourself or not having

support. Independent living is about having choice and control over your life and having the same range of opportunities as a non-disabled person." 

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Public Health and People with Learning Disabilities: National Evidence for Local Action Conference

  October 11th, Birmingham

This conference is about what public health evidence is available, where there are gaps and what is needed in the future to support local systems to improve the health of people with a learning disability.

The conference will begin with speeches from national leaders from Public Health England (PHE), NHS England and a self-advocacy network.

The afternoon session will consist of four workshops looking at different aspects of evidence and data about the health and care of people with learning disabilities.

The day will end with a conversation with public health leaders about how PHE should work in the future to support local systems to reduce health inequalities for people with learning disabilities.

It would be great if self-advocates and self-advocacy groups, people with learning disabilities  their families and supporters could attend.    

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Named Social Worker Test Scheme Outcomes

 Because too many people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs are not leading the life they want to live,  The Department of Health & Social Care funded a test scheme in 9 areas to see if having a named social worker could help achieve better outcomes for people as a direct response to the ‘No Voice Unheard’ consultation.

They have now published the slides from their recent webinar and you can read about what they found out.  

For a short version click here

For more detailed information click here