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Local M.P. presents Awards

Local M.P. presents Awards

The students who were the first in Botton to take this course, signed up through NYCC and completed an entry level qualification in ‘Occupational Studies’; a nationally recognized qualification. They chose their areas of study which included units on sports and healthy living, cooking, cooking, car maintenance and woodwork

The course provided an opportunity to learn new skills and demonstrate existing ones as well working together in a social environment.

Mr Goodwill who visited with his wife Maureen expressed his delight at the new project and said it was a moving experience to see how much the qualifications meant to the residents. He hoped it laid the grounds for the next generation of students to come through.

Anja Cole who facilitated the course in Botton said the qualification opened a door for people, extended their C.V.s and gave them an increased sense of confidence.

The ten proud students who received the awards are:Martin France, Stephen Harrison, David Howell, Nick Baxter, Julia Russell, Catherine Harper, Edward Ugle, Ian Hatcher, Geoffrey Spackman and Neil Shearer