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Natural England C.E.O. visits Botton Care Farm

Natural England C.E.O. visits Botton Care Farm

 James Coates a Botton Care Farm trainee shows Natural England C.E.O. James Cross around the Botton Care Farm

 During his visit James Cross the CEO of Natural England was shown round by Robin Asquith (Care Farm Manager at Botton), Wayne Mason( Botton General Manager) James Coates  (Botton Care Farm Trainee) , Bogdan Bocur (Botton Village) and John Lecorney (Natural England).

Care farms provide health, social and special educational care services through supervised, structured programmes of farming-related activities for a wide range of people, including those with learning disabilities, people with Autism Spectrum Disorders, those with a drug history, people on probation, young people at risk and older people, as well as those suffering from the effects of work-related stress or ill-health or mental health issues.

Botton has recently shown its commitment to care farming by opening Botton care farm, which provides services for those in need in the wider local community (in addition to those who live within the Botton community).

 The Care Farm at Botton   is part of Care Farming UK and the visit supported the Care Farming UK’s ambition to build the capacity of the care farming sector in the UK.

 James Cross said during his visit:
 “I am delighted that Natural England is able to provide support, even in a small way, to CFUK to help in its ambition to increase the number care farms across England and to create health and social care services right in the heart of communities for local people delivered by local people. Natural England is committed to working with partners across the country to transform how the natural environment can help people in their daily lives; so wherever they live or whatever their background they have the opportunity to experience the many social benefits that come from getting out into the natural environment”.

 Botton Care Farm manger Robin Asquith commented:
“It was a pleasure to show James around Botton Social Farm today, being able to launch the Care Farming UK Annual Survey with James today was very exciting, and demonstrates the fantastic partnerships we are developing in Botton”.

 Care Farming UK is a registered charity which promotes care farming in the UK, provides supportive services to care farmers and is committed to raising and maintaining standards across the sector. For more information see:

Care Farming in the UK and Ireland: Annual Survey 2016/17