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Northern Regional Forum Success

Northern Regional Forum Success

Glen and Phil collect suggestions for the 'My Life survey

Community members from The Croft  and Botton joined hosts Larchfield for a successful Northern Regional Forum. Participants suggested questions they would like to include in a forthcoming 'My Life' survey.

Over 70 people attended and proceedings began with each one sharing a hobby. These ranged from collecting postcards, to playing bagpipes. 

Each community reported on recent activities and initiatives. Sean, Etienne and William from Botton described recent trainings including safeguarding, health and hygiene and recycling. They told of the importance of health screening and also about recent celebrations at Easter.

Lisa described ideas in the Learn to lead group for a cycling training project and Ian mentioned that he swam 104 lengths in a swimathon for the forthcoming CVT Ball in October.

George from the Croft explained his idea of using images to help people understand concepts and ideas. The Croft ‘Good Support Team’ have developed workshop agreements and Stuart noted that everyone agreed to use the same rules for staff and community members. This coincided with the implementation of the new community workshop timetable.

New Events

New Events

Mark and Joanna then presented a flip chart which described the formation of a ‘New Events’ group at the Croft.

Larchfield community members held a social evening recently. Glen Stephen and Amanda made posters and everyone enjoyed a pie and peas supper. A quiz night is now being planned.

The famous Larchfield model cow which has ruminated faithfully at the front of the community for years is in need of TLC. The Learn to lead group are going to renovate the cow and Martin will mark out the design.

The community room has been refurbished and a new convertible snooker table installed.

After the reports Phil spoke about a new ‘My Life’ survey and suggested everyone  think of the questions they would like to include in the survey. Some suggestions were ‘Is your house cosy?’ Do you get to work in the workshops you enjoy? And Do you get the help you need with CVT Connect?.

Some community members from the Croft then spoke of their experiences in helping to co-produce last year's Annual Report .

After a tasty lunch prepared at Larchfield, everyone went outside and commenced a highly competitive but light-hearted game of rounders with the Croft eventually emerging victorious

Thanks to everyone in Larchfield for a great day.