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Reframing the Social Care Debate

Reframing the Social Care Debate

Take a look at these facts and figures and then think – how come Social Care is misunderstood and remains the poor relation to the NHS?

One reason is that everyone knows what the NHS does – that it’s for everyone and its free. We also know when it’s not working - we see trolleys in the corridors and people waiting to go home as powerful images of things that just aren’t right.

The problem for social care is that our challenges are not as obvious or understood – funding these days is for the basics only and there is less time to enable and support people to have full lives, but the public don’t get images of lonely people trapped behind their front doors.

Tough times for the sector but tougher for those who rely on it for their quality of life.

Surely we have to support a movement that is looking to move the sector from “surviving to thriving”?

We are looking at more ways to enable the people we support to carry on having a stronger voice in their lives, ambitions and how things should be done – not just as part of CVT but in the sector and wider society. Here at CVT we are making real progress, but still have a much to do.

But this is a wider movement – and the idea is that we want to hear about new ideas and have conversations with different stakeholders, including more of the people working in social care, family members and beyond in wider society.

This new movement is planning a year of action, so if you have some ideas about how social care can raise its profile and get our messages and issues into wider society and the decision makers – get involved at:


Huw John 

Chief Executive