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Tackling Health Inequalities

Tackling Health Inequalities

The discussion paper, Tackling Health Inequalities, sets out what social care providers believe can help or hinder the health treatment of people supported.

There are over 11 million people with a limiting long-term illness, impairment or disability in the UK. Disabled people seek more health care than people without a disability and have more unmet health needs but health promotion rarely targets people with disabilities. Health inequalities include the fact that men with a learning disability die 13 years sooner and women with a learning disability die 20 years sooner than people without learning disabilities.

 CVT welcomes this timely discussion paper and is committed to ensuring good health for the people we support. Our 2017 Annual Report ‘Healthy Lives Healthy Communities gathered stories about how people across the charity  are working towards healthy lives and communities – whether they getting fitter, having a purpose and place in the world, discussing their wellbeing or making friends and building relationship.

Recently our three North East Communities: Botton, Larchfield and the Croft were presented with ‘The Better Health at Work’ Silver Award which recognizes the efforts of employers in addressing health issues in the workplace .

Better Health at Work presentation

Receiving the 'Better Health at Work' Silver Award

We promoted the benefits of healthy living, healthy eating and exercise.  We provided information and awareness of cancer symptoms, mental health issues and medical conditions to people we support and staff.  Individuals are benefiting from increased access to health information and interventions where they wouldn’t normally and benefiting from improved morale and lowered levels of absenteeism.

In Larchfield the Men’s Group ‘Brothers in Arms’ and Women’s Group ‘Sisters United’ continue to discuss and raise awareness of health issues. Recently several community members have started ten week fitness courses at the local sports centre.