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West Midlands Flower Show

West Midlands Flower Show

 The West Midlands Flower Show is now in it’s 20th year and is a chance for people with learning difficulties, disabilities and mental health problems to show their vegetables, flowers, homegrown produce and garden related arts and crafts.

 This year, Berith and Camphill decided to enter 26 out of the 30 rounds with an assortment of items including biggest pumpkin, an animal made from a vegetable, chutneys, preserves and delicious homemade cakes all made on site at Ashfield Community Gardens.

 We started to think about what items we could enter for the show. In our weekly garden sessions, we worked hard to produce decorative garden themed items, floristry arrangements and a man-made wildlife habitat.

 The show was held at at Glasshouse College in Stourbridge. We arrived early and set up our items amongst work from the other twelve community groups that entered. The quality of the work from everyone’s groups was really high and we all anticipated how we might do.

We were all asked to leave the hall whilst the judges looked at all the items on show and when we returned were amazed to see that we had won a total of 14 awards including gold medals for best homemade cake with a gardening theme and best action photograph. We won silver medals for largest marrow and decorated flower pot as well as winning other medals for biggest sunflower head, homegrown carrots and a tasty fruit pie.



How's that for a cake with a gardening theme!

Medals were handed out to prize winners by the Mayor of Dudley and everybody seemed really proud and happy of their achievements. A wonderful day was had by all and it was a great chance to showcase our horticultural and artistic talents.


Steven accepting another award from Dudley Mayor David Tyler