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Delrow Photography Group

The Photography Group at Delrow has been running since September 2015 as part of Adult Learning. During term time the group meets every Friday afternoon. The sessions generally start with some theoretical work before everybody goes out onto the estate to take some photos. The group then meets up again and share and talk about each other’s images. The group has also gone out for the afternoon, once to Aldenham church and once to Aldenham Country Park.

The group was originally intended to help people to improve their photographic skills, but now includes people who had never used a camera before. The group only uses digital cameras which means the images can be shown on a computer display screen straight after they have been taken. The group has two digital cameras that can be borrowed so that people without their own camera can still take part.

The theoretical part of the lessons includes topics like portrait and landscape orientation, using the zoom, the ‘rule of thirds’ and framing. For the practical part the group is often given a challenge of what to take photographs of. This might be something yellow, or triangles or two things the same. As well as being fun this helps people to see their very familiar environment in a different way.

The group has held two exhibitions so far. The first was at the end of term in December 2015. Each person had chosen a theme for their photography and their best five or six images were on display. The second group, from January to July this year, contained people who had never used a camera before, so rather than work on a theme people just chose their favourite shots. Click on the titles to see some of the exhibited work:

 Two The Same Something Small Triangles Texture Mix My Owl  Blue Yellow


Last week, due to heavy rain, the group stayed indoors and experimented with ‘painting with light’. Here are two of the best shots.

Light Painting 1   Light Painting 2


"I learned to position my subject better and get it into focus. I think I made some very beautiful photographs of flowers and landscapes," said Sylvia.

Royston said "Being part of the photography group I have learned how to take photographs, I feel more able to just 'be' with the camera in my hand."


To be continued - the Group will post more photos soon!