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Halloween Party!

Halloween Party!

It was a misty morning on the 31st October and there was the promise of a spooky day ahead. The Guest Volunteers spent the afternoon along with the Drama Group setting the scene for a scary party in the Social Space: cobwebs appeared at the windows, a giant spider loomed above the room and there were cute little ghosts in every corner of the room.

Over the weekend everyone had been making costumes, raiding the drama cupboards in the Hall and buying masks and fake blood - all ready to terrify each other!

As 7.00pm approached all the ghouls and witches, bats and cats started to creep towards the Social Space. There was a wonderful selection of delicious food made by each of the House Teams and great music to set the party going.

There was a 'Creepy Couples Catwalk' with a prize for the most terrifying couple, also prises for the most artistic pumpkin and for the house who made the most effort.

'The party was completely awesome' said Greg who showed us some great moves on the dance floor.

'It was really good having a Halloween Party' said David ' it’s not scary and spooky, we’re remembering that we all have a spirit'.

'The scariest people in the room were Jackie and Catherine' - said someone who wished to be anonymous! Ha ha!

Tom commented that 'The rice and chicken was really good' and 'everyone worked hard to make a great party!’

Thanks to everyone who helped and who got involved - especially the mystery skeleton!