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An actor in our midst!

An actor in our midst!

The dark tale of the Snow Queen is set somewhere at the frozen top of the world, home to magical creatures such as trolls, goblins and the evil Snow Queen.

Michael, as Kay, falls in love with Gerda, the daughter of the local cheesemaker but he is seen by the Ice Princess who tells her mother the Snow Queen that she wants him for herself. The Snow Queen does all in her power to grant her daughter's wish and soon the stage is filled with witches, goblins and trolls. Kay is captured by the trolls and taken to the castle of the Snow Queen but Gerda, deeply in love with Kay comes searching for him. Wonderful singing, dancing and incredible sword fights fill the stage until in the end true love wins the day as Gerda brings the dead Kay back to life with a kiss that melts his frozen heart.

Michael said that he had been rehearsing his role since the summer and that he had had lots of lines to learn but didn't find it too difficult. His favourite part of the show was singing 'When a man loves a woman' to Gerda.

Michael has been part of the Earthbeat Company for five years now, having joined when he was 23. He said he enjoys seeing the audience and doesn't mind the lights shining in his eyes when he performs. Michael has hinted that his next role will be taking part in a Beatles extravaganza - can't wait!