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Animal Champion Paul Speaks With Local MP

Animal Champion Paul Speaks With Local MP

A resident here at Larchfield, Paul became interested in animal conservation about five years ago when he walked with a tiger at Dreamworld Animal Park in Queensland, Australia.

Since that time Paul has become a member of the World Wildlife Fund and has adopted several wild animals. Paul checks the internet and TV news daily to keep up to date with current campaigns and is consequently very knowledgeable.

During his time in conversation with Simon Clarke, Paul raised the topics of whale hunting, the use of the bones and tusks of endangered animals for traditional Chinese medicine, various forms of trophy hunting and the loss of natural habitats due to intense farming methods.

Always keen to promote the welfare and rights of wild animals Paul is currently making a short film to be shown at the next Northern Regional Forum where representatives of the Larchfield, Botton and Croft communities meet together.