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Candlemas celebrations at Larchfield

Candlemas celebrations at Larchfield

If the old Candlemas proverb is true the coming year's crops at Larchfield should get off to a good start for, as the Community gathered in a muddy field, it was cloudy, damp and very windy!

The Candlemas celebration has its roots in the pagan festival of light and was later adopted by first the Romans and then the Christian Church; it falls on February 2nd which is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Here at Larchfield we celebrate Candlemas as a way to welcome the return of spring when the sun starts to grow stronger and the light of each day lasts longer.

Well wrapped up against the weather we gathered together in a very muddy field where 12 holes had been dug representing the twelve months of the year. A burning candle was put into each hole to symbolise how the sun will warm the earth ready for the planting of our crops. As you will have seen from the photograph the windy weather made the lighting of the candles difficult but Peter and Stephanie made ingenious use of a bucket to create some shelter.



Once the candles were lit and everyone had gathered, Stephen started the proceedings by telling us about Candlemas and some ways in which it is celebrated. Paul read a verse about the coming of spring by Natalie Sleeth and Michael, who works in the garden, spoke about the crops the garden have planned to plant in the coming weeks and months.

Finally, having carefully cleaned or disposed of our muddy boots, we gathered in the hall to share a meal of delicious vegetable soup and freshly baked bread made by the food production team from vegetables and grains grown last year.