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Daffodil House Recognised as an Inventive and Innovative Design Model

Daffodil House Recognised as an Inventive and Innovative Design Model

Niven's collaboration with CVT and Larchfield has been regarded as a template for future building projects and Niven have expressed how supportive CVT and Larchfield were as clients.

From the very start of the design process inclusion was the key approach; merging CVT philosophies of care, local authority expectations and requirements with a recognition and understanding of the complex sensory and behavioural needs of the residents.

Regular meetings with the proposed new tenants, their families and social workers at every stage of decision making, alongside clear and detailed information on each individual, kept the needs, wishes and aspirations of those who would be living in the building at the core of the partnering contract. The result was an inventive and innovative design.

Each of the seven flats has a very individualised layout, each bathroom and kitchen has been tailored to the request of the resident. This individualisation extended to paint colours, flooring and garden design. As the building progressed Niven brought in materials for people to touch, feel and see. All possible efforts were made to help residents visualise their new homes and at one stage the size of the rooms was taped out in the hall at Larchfield to allow for a much more realistic understanding of space than could be achieved from paper plans and models.

Each resident of Daffodil House now has their own front door and their own home and garden for family and friends to visit as well as a person centred support package. Staff and residents have together 'grown' into this increased independence and residents enjoy exercising their ability to make choices and decisions.