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From coffee cup to wrestling ring

From coffee cup to wrestling ring

After working for a year at the Cherry Hill Nursery Joe was on the look out for another job and his social worker suggested he have a look at Larchfield. Starting in 2013 Joe works Thursday and Friday mornings in the café and Tuesday morning in the garden. Joe says he really likes the café environment, talking to the customers and using the till. When Joe wanted to have an extra day at Larchfield and try something new he went into the garden and enjoys working there with other day placements and community members.

Joe has been a fan of American wrestling for about 20 years and has been a wrestler himself for almost 8 years. Training is at Top Corner Sports in the old Territorial Army building near Brambles Farm. Joe trains for two hours on Monday and Thursday evenings and does a mixture of mat and ring work.

Describing American wrestling Joe says mostly anything goes but to win a match you have to have a pin, a fall or a submission. The referee counts '1,2 and 3 ' for a pin fall and for a submission the wrestler taps of the mat to show they are submitting. To keep up his strength Joe needs to eat a lot of protein.

Joe travels all over the country to take part in or to watch shows which are promoted by American companies. The furthest he has travelled up to now is Formby near Liverpool.

Joe with one of his wresting outfits