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From Old and Cold to New and Hi-tech

From Old and Cold to New and Hi-tech

The frame of the old greenhouse was still sound so could be kept and a new insulating plastic was used instead of glass, meaning that in the winter a heater can be used and the workspace will retain the heat and be much cosier and warmer than it was before.

There is a hi-tech element to the new greenhouse in that the vents are automatic and the greenhouse is fitted with sensors to open or close the vents according to the weather conditions outside. The sliding doors at each end are a further improvement and now allow access from the rear of the greenhouse to take plants that have been sown or potted to the heated greenhouse at the back of the barn.

It was a massive cleaning operation to move all the pots that had been stored in the old greenhouse but we now have a much cleaner and tidier place to work and we are looking forward to a productive summer.


The new door being fitted                                         Potting on seedlings