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Larchfield Recycles all the way to Uganda

Larchfield Recycles all the way to Uganda

The knitting project involves the street children of Kabale who experience unimaginable poverty, have no parents, are always hungry and are at constant risk of abuse. The aim of the project was to replicate our own knit and natter groups and give the girls a safe and sociable place to gather while learning skills they could use now and in the future. 

Being keen knitters here at Larchfield it didn't take too long before the wool donations began to mount up and in March 2017 Eddie left Heathrow for Uganda with 20 kilos of knitting wool squashed into an oversized military kit bag.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Having taught the basics of knitting last year, Eddie's plan for the 2017 visit was to teach the girls how to read a simple pattern and then go on to knit some baby clothes or a small teddy bear. Some of the girls also used the wool to weave on locally made looms. What was unexpected was a rush of enthusiasm from the boys who wanted to learn how to knit scarves rather than play football. With such enthusiasm the wool soon ran out and Eddie is once again collecting wool for the 2018 trip to Kabale.

We can be sure that all the Larchfield knitters will be keen to contribute their leftover wool again especially having seen the photographs of the children looking so happy and busy.