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Learn to Lead Regional Forum Hosted by Larchfield Community

Learn to Lead Regional Forum Hosted by Larchfield Community

As the delegates arrived tea, coffee and cake were on offer and soon the hall was buzzing with conversation. Amir opened proceedings by welcoming everyone and giving the day's housekeeping information. 

As an ice-breaker each person was invited to tell the group what hobbies they enjoyed and there was a fine and impressive mixture of restful, educational and active including the playing of musical instruments, sailing, collecting postcards, painting, photography, football, cycling, swimming and a host of handicrafts.

As is now traditional at the forums, each Learn to Lead team gave a short presentation about what they have been involved in since we last met as a group. 

Botton have been busy with training sessions, leading meetings and making plans for a cycling group. Croft have been developing a library of images to support instruction in the workshops and concepts around daily living and they have also set up a new Events Group.

 Some of the Larchfield Team

The Larchfield Team gave details about the fundraisers they had organised as well as their plans to develop a multi-use community room and the repainting of the Larchfield cow as depicted by last year's winning design. 

Phil Gibson took the floor after the community reports and invited the delegates to make the next 'My Life' survey more meaningful by asking them to submit examples of the questions they would like to see included in the survey. Everyone gave considerable thought to the exercise and Phil was able to collect a wide variety of questions which he will sort and categorize.

After such a focused morning and a large lunch some fresh air and exercise was on the cards. Over 50 delegates went outside to make use of the Larchfield Sports Field for a very friendly but seriously competitive series of rounders games with each community playing a game against each of the other two communities. The winning team was the one with the most overall rounders scored and it couldn't have been closer with Larchfield on 15, Botton on 16 and Croft triumphant with 17 rounders. 

Back in the hall the handsome wooden trophy (made at Botton last year) was given over to its new guardians until the next inter-community sporting event. Then, after a final round of refreshments the day was summarized and all too soon it was time to say goodbye..........until the next forum.

The triumphant Croft team