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Lee makes the move to Larchfield

Lee makes the move to Larchfield

On Lee's first visit to Larchfield he said that as soon as he got out of the car he felt that the atmosphere was calm and that he would be happy. Sue Birch, the day services manager, showed Lee round and his first taster day was in craft which he really liked and it remains his favourite workshop. Felting is Lee’s favourite activity though he has also learnt to knit, sew and make glass. He has bought some of his own craft work and other pieces have been sold through the shop and at the Christmas Fayre. A quilt he made was sent through to Botton to be sold in their shop.


      Lee working in the craft workshop                   A felt created by Lee

Lee also had a taster in the kitchen workshop but found it a bit noisy but has now settled happily in the café where he can be found on a Thursday cleaning the tables, washing up and keeping everything tidy. Lee said he likes the atmosphere and the people in the café.

Lee made lots of new friends and he gradually increased his workshop hours.  In 2016 Lee made the decision that he would like to live at Larchfield and with the help of his family and his social worker set the process in motion.

Lee was told he could have a place in Leven House but he needed to wait patiently while the refurbishment was done. Once the house was ready Lee began having short overnight stays to start getting used to life in Leven. He moved in permanently on Monday, 5th of February and feels he has made a good adjustment to his new life. His brother Stuart painted his bedroom for him and the furnishings came from Benson’s.



To help him relax after a busy day Lee likes to listen to music (he has an amazing knowledge of music as well as a beautiful singing voice), or watch television; he also has a disco ball light that sends changing colours across the walls and ceiling of his room.

Lee has taken to all the chores that come with living in a supported living environment and cleans, washes up, loads and unloads the dishwasher, does his laundry and cooks; he said everyone enjoyed the spaghetti bolognaise he made.

Lee said he is getting on well with the others living at Leven and is looking forward to getting to know the new tenants who are due to move in soon. Lee feels much more independent at Leven but still keeps in close touch with his family who live just 5 – 10 minutes away.

As well as his workshops Lee is a long-standing member of the Learn to Lead team and the Men’s group. At the most recent Men’s group meeting Lee was in charge of a game which ended up with everyone being connected by a long piece of string like a spiders web which showed how we are all linked together in our lives.